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Thread: CoD4 Playlist Patch Live - Fixes Exploits in Public Games

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    CoD4 Playlist Patch Live - Fixes Exploits in Public Games

    Well that didn't take long.. this afternoon fourzerotwo (aka Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling) tweeted the following:

    Playlist update inbound for COD4. This will fix the exploits in public matches until the patch finishes certification at Microsoft & Sony!

    Apparently this CoD4 Playlist Patch will fix the infamous CoD4 PS3 Hacks as well as the XBox 360 exploits in public games.

    To quote: "According to Infinity Ward community manager Robert Bowling, a Call of Duty 4 patch has been sent to Microsoft and Sony for certification, which should foil any nefarious individuals who want to continue to cheat at the game.

    In the meantime, a playlist update will stop them in public matches, so you should have a hacking-free multiplayer experience now."

    [imglink=|CoD4 Playlist Patch Live - Fixes Exploits in Public Games][/imglink]
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    Wow that was fast!

    Congratulations to the Infinity Ward team, I'm glad to see that you're actually hearing all of our complains. Thanks for your time and quick response in this case, specially when we all know how busy you are with the Modern Warfare 2 soon release.

    Thanks again!

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