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    Takavach Guest

    COD 6: Hostage Multiplayer Game on Sony PS3 and XBox 360?

    We have read many ideas for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, some about the weapons and others about the game type's in multiplayer. One of the best ideas we would like to see is a hostage online game.

    You could save your hostages from the other team before they get killed or something along those lines. Maybe even have the hostages have the option to try and escape from their captors.

    Another great idea in COD 6: is to have the lobby for the Sony PS3 and Xbox 360 updated, especially on the PS3. When you go to find match it would be good to have it setup like this:

    Find Match - Countries - Core/Hardcore - Game Modes

    Playlists for different countries or regions should be added because people would rather be playing against people from their own country and have a good connection, other than being thrown into a random match with people from another country and have a bad connection.

    Would you like a hostage game type in multiplayer and a choice of countries when finding a match? Comment below!

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    Jewmobile Guest
    I know this might be far and way off. But taking the hostage and spanning it across the two consoles. Like have it a first to three wins, then switch sides like you can in Capture the Flag while being PS3 versus Xbox360. Having some three PS3 players in the middle of the map or even in protected jail cells (to prevent the attacking team from automatically killing the hostages off the get go). And switching after three rounds.

    Well that is my two cent.


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