Club Fight Night is now open! The club features content pulled directly from the FIGHT NIGHT Round 4 like the main room, stage and a full sized boxing ring.

The seats and chairs have been replaced with plenty of club type seating, including a VIP booth with a DJ table.

Press Release: July 16, 2009 - Club Fight Night will also features a new robot boxing game, where for the first time you will be able to go toe-to-toe with someone on PlayStation Home, which will be available shortly after launch.

The action takes place between two giant mechanical robots at the center of the ring. Time your punches and go for the other robot's weak spots. The game's simple controls allow everyone to jump in and have some fun. Winners will also be treated to some exclusive virtual items only available to players who have shown the ability to master this game!

In addition, the Club Fight Night space includes a main room, stage, VIP booth with a DJ table to go along with the boxing ring. The DJ table serves as the center point for a new Club DJ game and gives gamers a turn to "spin the wheels" and entertain the crowd.

In a stylish environment based on a venue pulled straight from the hit PLAYSTATION 3 game Fight Night Round 4, players take control of the mixing board and pump up the crowd. The CLUB DJ game is a fun and simple to learn rhythm game based on hitting the correct buttons to the beat of the music. As you score more points your avatar will dance to the music, and the lights in the club will begin to move to your beat.

The poker tables in EA SPORTS Complex have been so well received that four new Red Tournament poker tables have been added upstairs to handle all the interest. Since the launch of EA SPORTS Complex, nearly 2 million poker games have been played.

Players looking for customization options, the EA SPORTS Complex Pro Shop will be available starting July 30.

[imglink=|Club Fight Night Opens Its Doors in Home EA Sports Complex][/IMGlink]
[imglink=|Club Fight Night Opens Its Doors in Home EA Sports Complex][/IMGlink]
[imglink=|Club Fight Night Opens Its Doors in Home EA Sports Complex][/IMGlink]
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