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    The Club

    By Emily Balistrieri 05/10/2007 The Club is like Battle Royale for cash or Fight Club with guns -- would you risk death to join? Each character in Bizarre Creations' new third-person action shooter has a reason to. Renwick is an undercover cop who got in too deep, while Seager is actually some kind of insane thrillseeker. Everyone has a their own motivation but it's up to the player to guide them to victory or death.

    The death matches take place at eight international (and believably secluded) locations, with the gritty graffiti-filled abandoned prison we saw bearing a similarity to San Francisco's Alcatraz. There are a variety of single-player game modes to choose from, each with its own objective. At a recent press event we saw Sprint, a simple race to the exit. Others include doing laps in an area, running a gauntlet or surviving a siege.

    [Click the image above to check out all The Club screens.]

    While the The Club goes for a gritty realistic look, it plays very arcadey, with no cover and certainly no sneaking -- perfect for people who can't get the stealth action play style down. Racking up a steady stream of kills is your highway to top scores because of the combo system, which is tied to a time bar in the upper right corner of the screen. With each kill you make, a number is added to your combo list and you gain bonus points. Pacing your way through the action is important, though, as time ticks down between each kill -- counting down faster and faster with each kill you add to the combo.

    In addition to shooting other competitors, there are numerous bonus shots to make for unlockable modes, weapons, and possibly other characters and achievements (in the 360 version). You also gain bonus points when using the surrounding environment to aid in your kills, like exploding barrels while others are in its proximity. And with the handful of difficulty settings for players to challenge themselves with, as well as a promised online multiplayer -- no real details yet aside from the promise of some original setups among the more traditional multiplayer modes -- The Club seems like it should offer a sizable game experience.

    Thanks to for sharing the news with us!

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    Wow, this looks like it will become an instant online hit. If Resistance's online following is anything to go by that is. I will be definately buying this!

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