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    haze67 Guest

    Thumbs Down LOL

    what a crappy update again.. The advantage of this is that not only does it save the user space on their hard drive.


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    Brenza Guest
    Finally something useful!

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    daveshooter Guest
    It says "developers are able to opt out and bar their games from using it should there be a concern. BAR and Ban mean the same to me. I only read the main page on this thread. So maybe you should read it more carefully yourself and stop slitting hairs.

    This works as I have been doing this some time now, when upgreading drives. I used ftp to copy it across to pc.

    My users ID's are 00000028. 00000029. 00000030 Does this mean it counts how many accounts its had from the start, dose anyome know? It looks like mine has had 30 so far, if that's how it works.

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    pj1115 Guest
    Would be cool if a homebrew version of this function (ish) was written. Perhaps syncing with an FTP server. Maybe I should look into it..

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    jarvis Guest
    Well, its nice to Sony actually adding a feature in an firmware "upgrade" for once instead of removing features. Although I don't see much point to this. I didn't think save games took up that much space to begin with and unless it actually backs up ALL save games, I find it kind of pointless.

    As others have stated, using the FTP server and transferring all of your save games over to a PC is the best/easiest method, and does not put your information in the hands of Sony.

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    CelticNinja Guest
    I NEVER trust the cloud, and looking at Sony's behavior regarding OtherOS, I'm not exactly thinking the best of Sony either plus we have to pay Sony for this "feature" so I have no interest. I've had a PS3 since 2007 and lived without this "feature" they want to do something why not remove that stupidity that prevents us from copying game saves?

    I hate formatting my PS3 and have to start from scratch on a game because I wasn't able to back up my progress. prevent copying of game saves doesn't stop piracy, and I'm pretty sure this limitation was there before there were trophies. Let's say it's all about trophy protection (WTF is that anyways) who cares what trophies anyone has, and if some noob wants to have all the trophies for all of his/her games fine but he/she won't receive the feeling accomplishment if they do it from a saved game.

    As I see it this is a solution that is a slap in the face to people everywhere, it still won't copy those protected game saves, so you still have to start from scratch if you format the PS3/replaced the HDD. and with external HDD's and USB stick being everywhere, why would I pay Sony money to do something I can do on my own?

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    y2kkingboy Guest
    My knowledge about cloud services is somewhat limited. But, I remember clearly that they are pay-per-use services. So, I'm wondering if Sony is gonna make us pay for it? or maybe it comes with PSN+.

    But, clearly nothing is free with them. Even free online gaming is on the expense of updates and freedom of ownership pressure.

    my 2 cents...

  8. #28
    knight0fdragon Guest
    Something like this has nothing to do with piracy, Sony is not being big brother in this sense, there are offering new services to promote their plus subscription membership, not stop pirates, that's what their legal division is working on. It is just another backup source, so instead of of just a hdd or external medium, you have the 3rd option.

    An online server that is not in your current location, so in case a nuke goes off somewhere near my house and all my data gets erased, I have a secure off site location that is housing my data. If Sony chooses to monitor the saves and ban people. then let them, it will help stop douche bag cheaters from flooding the online servers of games and ruining the over all enjoyment of it.

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    SNaHHaN Guest
    At least this cloud service could benefit those people who play at a friend's house and won't need to back-up their saves to play at their friend's place.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    this is a great idea it'll help everyone having an off site backup of your saves. I don't know why people are associating it as an anti-anything move since the statement says it WILL allow the backing up copy protected saves and only saves for games where the devs go out of their way to disallow it seperately (not the same as copy protecting a save) won't be compatible. Don't really agree with it being only for PS+ subscribers though.

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