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    pepperor Guest
    You should read the article again. Carefully this time because it doesn't say that at all.

    The clause, which is a downside for gamers but an upside for devs, because Sony wont force Devs to do the extra work of adding a line of code that links to the online saving. It also means the if the game devs don't want you making backup saves files, Sony too can't put it in their online save servers.

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    jokr2k10 Guest
    About time they actually released a FW update that actually DID something... (useful at least)... but, if you are a jailbreak user or Custom FW user, you can just use MultiMan to copy ANY game save to your USB drive copy prohibition doesn't faze it…..

  3. #13
    tonyqc Guest
    Just to help the community I want to lets ppl know that now everyone can make a copy of ALL game save (same if you can't with some games via ps3 XMB) via multiman, just go to dev_hdd0/home/00000001/ and make a copy of savedata

    which 00000001 is for the first user

    00000002 is for user #2

    00000003 for user # 3

  4. #14
    pig098 Guest
    this just makes it less hassle... like if you have two PS3, then you won't constantly have to use usb go to multiman copy "copyright" save files and such.

    Also, you wont even need cfw and multiman to carry around save files.

  5. #15
    Wonderkik Guest
    Right, you just need Official firmware 3.60 and a subscription to PSN+ ...

    I'll stick to my homebrew enabled free-of-charge PS3 ^^

    It's not like I am erasing my saves every day

  6. #16
    EiKii Guest
    well AFAIK it won't work, it won't show up on xmp or am i wrong? maybe needs an reboot, i didn't try

  7. #17
    alchybear Guest
    my idea of this isn't too good, it's more like a trap on ya and you give them access to your ps3 completly and would catch you doing anything using a jb ps3 to backups and hacks.

  8. #18
    tonyqc Guest
    It's working for sure I did it many times... copy folder "savedata" in 00000001 and restore it when you need it ...

    I had to put a 500G hybrid SSD in my ps3, made a back up of "savedata" and "GAMES"

    Restored those folder and my ps3 was like before. Now I'm looking for whih folder in the ps3 contain the settings like video settings and audio settings , etc...

  9. #19
    B4rtj4h Guest
    Nice feature! Only a shame there are these snotty Sony things...

  10. #20
    Jes03 Guest
    I prefer to FTP and copy ALL savegames to my PC then I have a backup of all my saves NOT $ony.

    It's MY console $ony, stop trying to steal every little bit of it.

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