January 17, 2007 - The following article may look familiar to you. That's because in the heyday of our PlayStation 2 coverage, we used to try our best to champion old classics that were never given the re-launch chances they deserved. Why? Because everywhere we looked, extremely vocal people were complaining that games were getting stale and that all the good ideas had gone away. Sure, action movies can rehash the whole "you killed my girl, so I'm going to kill all three thousand of you with my bare hands" routine, but there's a growing voice of concern that says "gamers are getting tired of what's out there." With sequels getting the biggest piles of development loot by far, what hope is there for an original game coming out? Good question, but the answer lies in the very same movie industry that we just made fun of. Indeed, it's time to look at the old-school classics and remake history. Updating old games for the new millennium is where it's at.

Let's put some old-school in the new school.

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