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    enohand Guest
    actually its not their console... it's ours, we paid for it...

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    Gringo Guest
    The future firmware Remove Retrocompatibility... you can Pirate if is !!! The Linux Exploit at the end is a DEAD END ROUTE !

    I use PS3 and Linux as Rendering Farm, now i need a NEW PS3 to Play new Game ??

    I have PAY Money for a 60Giga, Extra money !! (For Linux and Retrocompatibility !)

  3. #13
    ynoz Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by wormie123 View Post
    Why is it if people get a sniff at money they go running trying to gun them down. It's their console their choice if it will reduce or attempt to reduce piracy then it's a fair option. Fair enough people who are not involved in piracy get effected but this is the world we live in because people just want to get things cheep and ripped. So it is going to effect everyone don't blame Sony blame the pirates.
    What piracy, have you ever seen any pirated game? so what are you talking about, the thing its about principles, you don't see Toyota taking away any feature of their cars, do you?

    i bought a $600 piece of hardware that came with the option of installing YDL why would i allow Sony to Take away what i pay for, i f i wanted a Pirated console i would have bought a cheapbox 360 or a wii, i wanted bluray, i wanted cell broadband, i wanted awesome graphics, i wanted YDL, so who is right?

    Does Geohot's tarantela or purpurela or whatever he called his program and hack of the iphone made apple rip off the iphone's features?

    i bought as many games as i like but i've been tricked by trailers and videos and I've ended buying or downloading literally pieces of trash so who is going to give my money back! nobody!

    Piracy it's not a menace, it's a challenge for programmers and developers.

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    zefie Guest
    If this goes through I am still eligible apparently, since i didn't sell my PS3 until April (when I decided to trade it for a 360).

  5. #15
    azoreseuropa Guest
    Go for it. Sony is a selfish and thief!! Go, sue them, go!!!! I support you!

  6. #16
    kidkadian Guest


    Ahhh any info on how one could join this class action ? i am thinking about upgrading and i would want to be compensated for features taken away.

  7. #17
    skrapps Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by kidkadian View Post
    Ahhh any info on how one could join this class action ? i am thinking about upgrading and i would want to be compensated for features taken away.
    i'd like to join, i was actually looking for one to join when i came across this one filed..

  8. #18
    Kraken Guest
    I read the PDF, it is excellent. Nearly every point I have made is reiterated there in plain language. I hope for the future of consumers of all electronic products that this is successful.

  9. #19
    aries2k6 Guest
    Ya, I wish the guy good luck. The consumers have rights too.

  10. #20
    korn16ftl3 Guest


    how do i get a piece of this, and another question if this law suit fails in cali can one be refiled in michigan under diffrent charges or something as there are diffrent laws in each state?

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