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    Apr 2005

    Cheaper PS3 CECH-4300C 500GB Model Announced for Japan This Month

    Today Sony announced a cheaper PS3 CECH-4300C 500GB model currently slated for Japan later this month with details below.

    To quote: "Sony has just announced a new, cheaper PlayStation 3 will be launched in Japan on August 28.

    The new CECH-4300C model packs in 500GB of storage and will be on sale for 25,980 yen, which comes to about 151/$253/AU$272, making it a tad cheaper than the current model.

    Meanwhile the existing 250GB and 500GB black PS3 models, along with the 250GB white one, will be discontinued. We've contacted Sony to ask whether we might see the new model launched globally, and what other changes might be included with the new console.

    It may be nothing more than some slightly tweaked innards, but a cost reduction would be more than welcome - especially as Sony's still giving its full support to the last-gen console, with plenty of new titles still on the horizon."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    dudl Guest
    According to a report in Japan, the difference from a front model is abolition disc access indicator light.

    oh... I got mistake. will be abolition console storage indicator light. not discs one.

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    rigbyrigz Guest
    have you noticed (other than safety and support guide) the user guide/owners manual/hardware instruction guide for all country versions is only available online interactively... cannot download cannot find a pdf for the cech-4201a 4204a and similar. anyone know why?

    or where this or a service repair manual can be acquired. i contacted all the sony reps and sites no one can provide this. ty.

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