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    Chat program through PS3 Linux?

    I have tried searching for an answer to my question but have yet to find one, so here it goes.

    Is it possible to run a chat program through linux and use it while playing games on the ps3? If not, what needs to happen for us to be able to do this? There are several online games that don't have chat features such as COD3 and this would be very helpful for people that don't have a computer sitting next to their ps3. So basically, I would like to run someting like teamspeak on linux and would like to have a way to use it while gaming on the ps3 side.

    Again, I appologize if this has been answered before.

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    Have you tried the program from teamspeak (google it)?
    There is a linux version on there, client. Not sure if it is PPC/PPC64bit.

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    the short answer is you can't, if the game doesn't support chat, you are going to have to comeup with another computer to use along side the ps3

    sadly, you can't run linux and the original ps3 os at the same time. i'm not completely up on the info, but i believe linux actually runs on top of a sony initiated protocol allowing linux to start. you have to hard switch, with a power on-off, to get between the two of them.

    now all that being typed, they might be able to make an update for the game that will allow chat. [:

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    Oh, I miss understood the question. Yea, expect updates. The OtherOS and PS3 Game play take place in two different areas and can not take place simultaneously.

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    Yeah they diffently need to address this with so many issues with mics not working or games that don't even have a chat feature. Thanks guys.

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