January 10, 2007 - Sony Online Entertainment and Midway recently announced an agreement to bring classic Midway games to the PlayStation Store. We took a trip down memory lane at CES this week and played all six titles: Championship Sprint, Mortal Kombat II, Rampart, Gauntlet II, Joust, and Rampage World Tour.

With the exception of Joust, which is already out on Xbox Live, all of these titles will be exclusive to the PlayStation Store. They all feature offline and online multiplayer, private and public games, and leaderboards. Pricing hasn't been set, yet, but Sony confirmed they would not be offered as a bundle. The first game should arrive in March, with more releases staggered after that. Sony and Midway have only been working on these ports for a week, so many details have yet to be worked out and some of the titles weren't at 100 percent functionality.

Rampage World Tour

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