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Thread: Cave Story for PS3 Linux is nearly done!

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    triple7 Guest

    Cave Story for PS3 Linux is nearly done!

    Update: Sadly, it has now been cancelled.

    From Pete today: Oh well, that's graduation all done and I'm now back at work full time. Surprisingly though, because I'm not both studying and working, I've got a little more free time in the evenings!

    After working so much with Quake, I felt quite fed up of looking at its code. I needed to work on something else.

    So I've been beavering away on a PS3 Linux version of Cave Story and I'm happy to say it's nearly done. This is a fresh port based on Pixel's source code, instead of the earlier SDL/GP2X/x86 Linux port by Simon Parzer and I. There were a few things which I wanted to do a little differently in the code to make it more portable to systems which didn't have SDL, such as the iPhone or WiiWare.

    Those ports sadly fell through, but because Pixel gave Simon and I permission to port to Linux, I thought it would be a nice idea to port to this particular flavour of Linux that a few folks may have in their living rooms.

    But anyway, I still need to do a few things before I can release it:

    * Get my wireless controller working in Linux.
    * Make a configuration file which maps the controls suitably.
    * Some memory usage optimisation.
    * Write up some documentation.
    * Work out how to make an .RPM.

    Cave Story looks great on the big screen, so I'm quite excited that it's nearly finished. I just hope I've found all the byte order bugs!

    [imglink=|Cave Story for PS3 Linux is nearly done!][/imglink]

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    rolyat420 Guest
    Let me know when this is available to test. I feel comfortable compiling code and building debs. Maybe could even help write documentation, plus I got my controllers working wireless with ubuntu 8.04.

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