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Capcom Europe has revealed its release dates and/or windows for all of its first quarter games today. You can see the info in handy list format below.

Looks like Capcom is single handedly making Q1 2009 a real gaming event, with plenty to sink your teeth into, even despite inFamous and Killzone 2 being released during the same period.

- Flock - February
- Street Fighter IV - February 20th
- Resident Evil 5 - March 13th
- Bionic Commando - March (It's not March anymore. Rather, it'll be in the first half of '09)

The American release dates are as follows:

- Flock - Early 2009
- Street Fighter IV - February 17th
- Resident Evil 5 - March 13th
- Bionic Commando - Early 2009

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