[IMGW]http://media.1up.com/media?id=3271434[/IMGW] We can probably say with decent confidence that Capcom didn't have Xbox 360 in mind when they originally started putting together Devil May Cry 4 for PlayStation 3, but the company's western success on the platform made them rethink their strategy a bit. Now, DMC4 is a simultaneous PS3 and Xbox 360, but given PS3's the lead platform and a distinctly different piece of hardware, fears of a rushed port come to mind.

Capcom's actually saying they're aiming for the opposite, according to an IGN video interview (thanks, NeoGAF) with Hiroyuko Kobayashi, the game's producer and veteran of the series.

"As far as the Xbox and PS3 are concerned, the capabilities and feature sin the game we expect will be the same. Our plan is to make them pretty much identical," said Kobayashi. "You may be able to use some of the functionality in the PS3 as like a switch, but nothing spectacular [that would make] a difference in the gameplay."

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