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Thread: Capcom Dev: Sony Motion Controller Means Wii-to-PS3 Ports

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    In words of our Lemmings friends - OH NO! Showelware being PORTED from Wii to PS3? - just say NO!

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    ZBlacktt Guest
    As the PS3 has mostly hardcore gamers. I think this move is a brilliant one. Sony knows the only way to go after Wii's huge market share is to capture some of there younger generation gamers of that system. Just like the Wii got our Snake ( MGS ). Can you imagine Mario Brother's being on the PS3, lol.... The PS3 is giving player's no reason to look else where.

    With the reliability of the Wii, AAA exclusives, Blu-ray, standard Wi-Fi, 1080p, $299 price, 120hd, using less power, just on and on, lol... But, this is not a fluke seeing how they ended up with the worlds best selling #1 and #2 gaming system from before. This one took a little time because they brought a new advanced technology to the gaming world before the world was even ready in that Blu-ray drive. They are looking past the Xbox total sells numbers and heading straight for the Wii's now.

    I have two Wii's systems still, lol. Got one each for my daughters. So there keepers.

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