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    Canadian Retailer Prices PlayStation Move Controller at $59.99

    Update: Gadget Show head Jason Bradbury has also Tweeted that PlayStation Move will launch this September, to quote: ".. another thing I was meaning to say. Sept for Playstation Move!!! I'm sure of it. Can't say why. Just.. September 2010."

    Today Engadget.com reports that Canadian retailer GameStop.ca has priced Sony's upcoming PlayStation Move Motion Controller at $59.99, however, the premature listing now appears to be mysteriously removed.

    Sony previously stated that the pricepoint of a PlayStation Move starter kit will be around $100 US and will include a PlayStation Eye camera, a game and a Move controller... meaning the listing above likely referred to a single Move controller.

    To quote: Sony's been pretty fuzzy on pricing for the PlayStation Move - we've only really heard "under $100" for the full package with controller and camera - but it looks like the numbers are starting to solidify, as Gamestop Canada has the controller itself now listed for $59.99.

    How that number will translate into a US price is obviously up in the air, but Sony's MSRPs tend to be the same or similar across the US and Canada, so we'd say we've at least got a reasonable estimate of how much this thing is going to cost.

    We'd also guess that this points to a full package price of $99, but we'll see - Sony's got months before the Move's planned holiday launch to tweak all these numbers."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    enumb Guest
    i wish i had the ps3 for these..

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    I wish it would work on fw 3.15

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    I wish they will drop the price..

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    LIL935 Guest
    Yes it is a good price, as he does it at will natal which he also post a price down..

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    TUHTA Guest

    Big Grin

    I wish it will be Xbox 360 compatibillity.

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    Batman3000 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by TUHTA View Post
    I wish it will be Xbox 360 compatibillity.
    It's for the PS3, it can't and wont wor'k for Xbox 360. You guys have Project Natal.

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