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    Can PS3 gameos see/detect ext3 filesystem?

    I have an external USB Hdd currently formatted FAT32. Would PS3 OS detect the drive if I want to make system backup through XMB if I change the filesystem to ext3?

    If I leave the drive as FAT32 as it is, what dd dump command for backing up BR games/movie as the iso file would be greater than 4G?

    I'm new to linux and would appreciate any help with dd dump and mounting for FAT32 if I decide not to format the external drive to ext3.


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    I think its Fat32 only, not sure though.

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    I tried pluging in my ext3 formated usb drive. the ps3 XMB didnt detect it

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    The external drive has to be formatted as FAT32, or I'm quite sure NTFS instead. NTFS is newer than FAT32 and linux will also recognize NTFS.

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    An external drive has to be FAT32 it won't recognise NTFS.
    Thats from the XMB, linux wont see NTFS without a patch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B4tm4n View Post
    An external drive has to be FAT32 it won't recognise NTFS.
    Thats from the XMB, linux wont see NTFS without a patch.
    I know, I typed things in funny places. That's what I was meaning. That patch isn't the best though. There's others better.

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    PS3 Square Button Ext2 and Ext3 on Linux

    Does Linux detect Ext2 external HDD linked to PS3 or only HDD formatted in EXT3 ? Because it won't detect my external hdd fromatted in EXT2, but I have found a program for windows that allows it to read the HDD on that operation sistem, but I don't know if it is the same with the EXT3 file system...

    What do you think about my problem ? Thanks in advice

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    Regarding the dd comand to dump the BR. You must split the file when dumping it.
    on this example the file will be dumped on files of 1Gb you can create a bath file or execute one by one

    example of bath file

    [Register or Login to view code]

    this will create 9 files from cd00 to cd08 on the actual folder
    if = imput file so /dev/cdrom is not needed to be mounted
    of= output file
    bs= size od block
    count = number of block to dump
    skip= number of block to skip

    if you are dumping a file from 5 Gb no problem the files cd06 cd07 cd08 will be 0 size

    in order to joing it all the files you need to have another file system that support bigest files.
    for example to joint it on windows you can use the command copy /b


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