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Thread: Call of Duty: Black Ops PS3 v1.12 Patch Update Arrives, Detailed

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    Call of Duty: Black Ops PS3 v1.12 Patch Update Arrives, Detailed

    Today the Call of Duty: Black Ops PS3 v1.12 patch update has arrived, which weighs in at 63MB in size and adds new playlists among the updates detailed below.

    Call of Duty: Black Ops PS3 v1.12 Playlists:

    - Express: 30 second lobby timer; no game mode that has a respawn timer; small maps; No Ghost; No Second Chance allowed.

    - DLC Moshpit: Moshpit of game modes using only DLC maps.

    - DLC Hardcore Moshpit: Same as above only using hardcore game mode variants

    Here are the v1.12 patch update changes from JD_2020 on the official site board:

    CoD Black Ops PS3 Patch 1.12 changes:

    - Addressed an issue with attack dogs causing them to "warp" under rare circumstances.
    - Fixed an exploit allowing players to purchased locked classified weapons
    - Fixed an exploit that allowed players to get above 15th Prestige using Combat Training/Player Match menus.
    - Improvements to spawn system.
    - Addressed some bugs with Custom Game Settings for CTF related to Touch Return Disabled
    - Players can now select other clan tag colors besides red/white if they are unlocked.
    - Addressed an exploit where players were resetting their Winstreak and Killstreak stats.
    - Fixed exploit earning XP in local split screen.
    - When the Circle button is set with "enter" functionality, it now works properly on the Challenges menu.

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    anon777 Guest
    so they fixed all the non important stuff huh!

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    elser1 Guest
    i wish i learnt of these exploits before they're patched,... LOL

    disclaimer.. cheaters never prosper..


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    HeyManHRU Guest
    I'm glad they've improved the spawn system, probably the most annoying thing about CoD imo.

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    EJamNT Guest


    I'm ticked.. I like playing "Call of Duty - Black Ops".. BUT! It seems that I get my rearend wiped out every single time I want to play on line or even in "Harder" mode or "Regular". I'm struggling because I'm ready to just forget it.. I like the game but if individuals have to actually feel it's so much better to hack a system / game, win all the time, the it only tells me that they're incompetent & their intelligence level is that of a 2-3 yrs old as they want everything.. Without no explaination..

    Sorry, ranting but I'm just sick & tired of not being able to learn how to use my weapon, point it by pressing down on the L3 Button to steay ur aim.. by the time I can lock in on someone, I've got three guys / girls shooting me down. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG??? Then, I advanced to a 5 star General but still am getting my rear-end wiped out.

    Take two steps, get shot.. I can be hiding in a really good spot.. Then out of no where, the guy comes up and shoots me with out a blink of an eye.. He's running by me and really fast turns around and shoots me.. What is it with the action figures looking like they've been on speed and running really fast.

    I can shoot at a guy from a heck of a long distance.. Say "JUNGLE" up on the "ROCK" location, then within a few seconds.. Same guy kills me from behind.. What the HACK is that?? MAN!! Unreal!!! I'm sick of it and even in playing in "Harder" mod they lock on me as if they're hitting that rookie button that a person is allowed to use in the Missions Game. I'm so tired of having my rear wiped everytime I go on-line.. & now, it's even on "Team Death Match".

    How do I start learning how to get these "Perks" or Hacks as some are calling them just so I can be up to "Par" with all the others who are cheating online.. I don't feel that it's an accomplishment to hack a game and to figure out a way that I can kill my opponent with "Perks" or Guns when I didn't even earn them or didn't take the time to learn.

    Learning how to Hack the game is one thing, using on others without respect and thinking that you're GOD, isn't.. Besides, there is only one GOD and HE's the GOD of Abraham, the GOD of Isaac & the GOD of Jacob.. & The GOD of every single one of us.. so anyone's accomplishments in hacking something to make themself seem like they're a GOD is trying to be a false idol... & that is one of the two most important commandments.

    God Bless Everyone.. It's sad to know that people make games for enjoyment and others ruin for someone who just wants to sit back and play it as they work hard to get where they're at but only to have someone who hasn't - "CHEAT" because they're a sore loser and can't fight without all the advanced BS that they did in order to get it.. Like CHEAT.. That it only makes the world suckular... lol

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    Macdaddy4sure Guest
    EJamNT: If you are complaining about hackers in Modern Warfare 2 I completely understand where you are coming from, but as of yet there aren't any hackers in Black Ops. Which makes me come to the conclusion that you need to practice a little bit more.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Have you played Black Ops on PC yet?

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    CH3LIOS Guest

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    Roxxas21 Guest
    agreed.. nice

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