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    What about install 1.04 patch on jailbroken PS3 ? Because it would be great to have offline bots (wich are includes in 1.04 patch)

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    The new patch continues to be ineffective on PS3. Connection errors and freezes are happening more frequently. Since installing, a freeze has happened five times in a row on five different sessions within 3 minutes into mulitplayer gameplay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Team GenX View Post
    Your actually wrong. Last psn working with jb was LEGIT! it was the payload one / spoof.

    It worked for like 3 days i remember, i played like 24 hours each day of those 3 days until sony blocked it -_-.
    No you are wrong. The last one was from x3max who said they have a JB working on 3.50.

    It turned out to be a lie so I was not wrong.

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