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  1. #11
    hackerxide Guest
    Great to see that they are trying there hardest to fix some server issues I was disconnected 7 times last night lol.

  2. #12
    tonyqc Guest
    * Additional security measures to enhance detection and banning capabilities.

    for pc? or ps3, good question !

  3. #13
    hunterrr Guest
    Probably PS3, there security is a complete joke.

  4. #14
    KULLPRIT Guest
    I haven't been playing the game in the past few days. Was getting sick of disconnects and spawn kills.

    Been playing MW2, right back into noobtube spamming and camping.

  5. #15
    ixfor Guest
    You're right but it's not just zombie mode, everytime i try to join a friends session and when it doesn't let it kicks me to the main screen then tells me to adjust brightness and the screen, it's total BS.

  6. #16
    Edgardo678 Guest
    They most likely will patch the Split Screen XP glitch.

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