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Thread: Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike DLC Coming, Cancelled Maps?

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    Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike DLC Coming, Cancelled Maps?

    Over the weekend Major Nelson (linked above) announced news of Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike XBox 360 and PS3 DLC coming, however, based on the screenshots many sites are reporting that Treyarch may actually be selling cancelled maps bearing the same name as those just announced.

    According to, to quote:

    "Dan Bunting, from Treyarch Studios, joined Major Nelson's show for a quick interview to announce the brand new DLC set to release for Black Ops. It was mentioned that it had been previously arranged that the DLC would be exclusive for the 360 for a period of time.

    The release date was also announced to be February 1. The DLC is titled First Strike and includes 4 new multiplayer maps and 1 new zombie map. The price will be 1200 MSP ($15).

    If you'd like to know more about the DLC, listen to the podcast, and if you're even more lazy, just skip forward to 29:10."

    Additionally, reports the following, to quote: "Check out these links:

    Yes, these are maps that have been cancelled... yet they bear some of the names of some the maps announced.

    Something fishy going on here? Can't say for sure, you be the judge. Somebody is being duped."

    [imglink=|Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike DLC Coming, Cancelled Maps?][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike DLC Coming, Cancelled Maps?][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike DLC Coming, Cancelled Maps?][/imglink]
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    boy1146 Guest
    why when i use elitemossy patch blocker it cannot connect to black ops PS3 ?

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    elser1 Guest
    maybe they are trying to recoupe some money lost due to jailbreak by using "junk off the cutting room floor"... disappointing if true.

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    Belmondo Guest
    well some dlc is already out 1.05GB, don't know if it is these maps or not.

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    spark32 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Belmondo View Post
    well some dlc is already out 1.05GB, don't know if it is these maps or not.
    Those are the zombies.

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    mohp Guest

    Call Of Duty Black Ops - New Maps Same Problems

    I just found this on the web, credit to the author for coming up with a solution to the problem. This article was not written or produced by me.

    Major Nelson announced in his latest podcast that DLC for COD: Black Ops is coming up early next year February. It includes 4 multiplayer maps and one zombie map.

    Discovery – Antarctic German research station, abandoned from World War II.
    Kowloon – Inspired from the single-player campaign based off of Kowloon city in China. It’s a rooftop map.
    Stadium – Hockey rink in northeastern United States.
    Berlin Wall – Takes place at Checkpoint Charlie. Is a battle between East and West Berlin.
    Ascension – Zombie map.

    Now this is great and all but has Treyarch forgotten that maybe 90+ % of their gamers are still suffering from major flaws in the original version of Black Ops. It seems even after the 4th patch, things have barely cleared up for most. For me, the only thing fixed so far was the lagging, but otherwise the game still has a ton of major flaws including weapons hacks, terrible spawning and run and gun action. Aiming down the scopes is useless because the gun just flies all over the place, even with Steady Aim.

    Even though Modern Warfare 2 has been plagued with its problems, the overall dynamics of the game were much more consistent. Now in Black Ops, I just feel like I’m in Grand Theft Auto doing run and gun shooting, and hoping for the best.

    Why would we want to buy a map pack for $15.00 (1200 MS points)?! Yet come February 1st, tons of COD fans are still going to purchase it, even with they bitch and complain about the issues? Shouldn’t we show a bit of resistance and tell Activision/Treyarch that BO needs to be fixed first? It’s light building a higher and higher multi-story building without fixing a faulty foundation.

    Crying and complaining with words and guns doesn’t seem to be the key with Activision, so why not put a halt of what they will listen to... money. If fans actually stuck together and refused to purchase rubbish, maybe they might listen to us for once. Sure they won’t be out of a job or suffer much, but the COD line would make much less than expected.

    I used to be one of those guys who pre-ordered COD every time it was announced, but I will not buy this map pack or any future copies of COD until they get their act in order. In the mean time, I’ll be enjoying Modern Warfare and Crysis.

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    ProSkillz21 Guest
    Uhm not to be mean or anything, but you should be making up statistics. I highly doubt that 90+% of players are experiencing problems, and from what you described it seems like you aren't either. Now I'm assuming you're playing on a ps3 (due to the site we're on), so weapon hacks, whatever you are referring to, shouldn't be a problem.

    Spawning is not really an issue unless you get into maps like nuketown, but otherwise the game usually does a pretty good job of spawning you far enough from an enemy that you have time to get your bearings. You also might want to read the Steady Aim description more carefully, because Steady Aim does nothing to stop you from shaking when ADS firing. It only makes the aiming reticule smaller when you're firing from the hip.

    Pro Tip: Fire in bursts, only tapping the fire button, or switch to a weapon with less recoil if you can't use the one you're playing with now. And as for run and gun gameplay, you bought a call of duty game, that all the multiplayer ever was lol. You can use a sniper if you want I suppose, but the majority of players are just gonna run around getting a lot more kills then you with an AR or a sub-machine gun.

    Now, I'll give you that the pack is way overpriced, but I have to disagree that MW2 felt more consistent. Not sure if you recall, but MW2 was plagued with infinite killstreak spawning, thousands of campers trying to get a nuke, severely overpowered weapons, and the worst hit detection I've seen in any game. The hit detection was so bad I would aim at a crouched guy's head who was sitting still, with a sniper, pull the trigger and not even get a hit marker.

    Personally, this game is infinitely better than MW2, and the only thing they really need to change is take the grip off the AK74u.

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