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Thread: Buying games, need recommendations

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    pixilicous Guest

    Buying games, need recommendations

    hey.. so, my family is going out on november to united states and they will be there almost all of november.

    anyone got recommendations for games i should buy? i know there should be quite a few out this month, if i aint mistaken. i aint looking for games like heavenly sword that are cool and all but you finish in 2 hours, if its a single player, it should have an online mode.

    if you recommend on a driving game im only looking at those with split screen capabilities, dirt for example really dissappoints me.. anyways, if anyone can throw in their 2 cents to help me out, ill appreciate it.

    Edit: geez, i thought id have even 1 reply by now..

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    I merged your posts as our double-post auto-merger isn't working atm. Ya, this isn't a place for "instant feedback" as most people here tend to be older and only visit the main page versus the forums. Those that do visit the forums are generally lurkers until new/breaking developments happen.

    I myself don't buy PS3 games (probably like many here) so can't help you with recommendations. Maybe someone else can if they see this though.. good luck!

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    boogernose Guest
    If you like fps games, then November will be a good one with Call of Duty 4 and Haze coming out (UT3 was supposed to be available in Nov, but it's been pushed back). Also there's Rock Band and Guitar Hero III if you like rhythm games. Other games for Nov that could be good: Assassin's Creed, Army of Two, Kane and Lynch, Uncharted (most people will tell you to get this, but I think it's a wait-and-see first), maybe Need for Speed ProStreet if you're itching for a new racing game... I can't tell you if it has split screen 2 player though.

    Should be a good month indeed...

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    upSIDEv Guest
    There is suppose to be a new guitar game that you play with a real guitar. Its suppose to actually teach you how to play the real guitar.

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    eeann Guest
    if u like sports game like basketball buy nba 2k8.. dont buy nba live 08!

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    aviator Guest
    I think the November deadline this guy was talking about has come and gone...

    But next on my list will be GTA IV!

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