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Thread: Burnout Paradise May Receive a 3D Upgrade on Sony's PS3

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    Burnout Paradise May Receive a 3D Upgrade on Sony's PS3

    Sony's 3D technology impressed gamers that attended CES earlier this year.

    Games like WipEout HD and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue were used to demonstrate the PS3's ability to render 3D images that pop out of the screen - provided you don special 3D glasses.

    The latest episode of Qore suggests Burnout Paradise might also implement this feature. The end of their Burnout video special shows the host, 3D glasses equipped, staring an oddly distorted image on the screen. Really, there's no other conclusion to be made: she was certainly playing Burnout Paradise in 3D.

    The tech is currently implemented in the PC version of the game and can only operate on special TVs and computer monitors with a speed of 100Hz or higher.

    To check out what hardware works for the PC version, check out Nvidia's Web site.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Shrink Guest
    They already demented it in the FAQ on their website...

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    BluEvo Guest
    If this does come out I'll definitely be buying it

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    tokejoker Guest
    hope 3d gaming makes it! would be hella nice playing killzone 3d ^^

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    naveenr Guest
    i heard that ps3 is capable of 4D... anybody knew it ?

    and anyone know when we can see 4D on ps3 ??

    anyway thanks for the news guys...

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    Shrink Guest
    4D = 3D + 1D

    the last 1D is from time. Time is a dimension, too. So every 3D-Stuff is always 4D...

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    matheus1cia Guest
    Now I want to buy the game!

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