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    Burnout Paradise Free Pack Details, Coming February 6, 2009

    On February 6th, PS3 owners of Burnout Paradise will be able to download a free patch that adds a whole lot of content. To quote:

    - In-Game Store (PS3/PC only) - An in-game browser will connect to the "Criterion Games Network." From here, you'll be able to see all the game's updates and purchase any of the upcoming premium DLC.
    - Tweaked vehicle handling - The earlier cars are now tweaked to be easier for newcomers to use. "These cars are now slower, harder to crash and less likely to spin out at low speeds."
    - Junkyard sorting - You'll be able to compare the stats of cars, and you'll be able to filter out cars, bikes, and upcoming DLC vehicles.
    - Stunt Run timer changed - Stunt Run will now have a different timer that starts much slower than before. This allows beginners more wiggle room to start a combo. Experts will still be challenged: the larger your combo, the faster the timer runs out.
    - Events rebalanced - All events have been modified to accommodate the new car speeds.
    - Road Rage tweaked - Players no longer get additional time once they reach the target score. This is great, because we usually intentionally crash in order to end this mode.
    - Enhanced visuals - In-game items, like billboards and smashes, are now easier to spot. The lighting has been tweaked to be "more vibrant." Driving at night will be easier.
    - Restart - Yes, you can restart races now.
    - Easier barrel rolls - Barrel rolls are now automatic. However, to do more than one at a time, you'll have to use the analog sticks.

    The upcoming premium DLC packs (Party, Toy Cars, Legendary Cars) add additional Trophies into the game as follows:

    Silver Trophies

    - Every player succeeds in every Party Game- Awarded upon completing a Party in which every player successfully completes every Game of every Round.
    - Complete a Small Party- Awarded when 2-4 players have completed a Party.
    - Complete a Big Party- Awarded when 5-7 players have completed a Party.
    - Complete a Massive Party- Awarded when 8 players have completed an 8 Round Party.
    - Survive a Marked Man in the Extreme Hot Rod- Awarded for winning any Offline Marked Man driving the Extreme Hot Rod
    - Complete a Timed Challenge using all 3 Boost types in the Hawker Mech- Awarded when you complete any Timed Challenge driving the Hawker Mech having used all 3 boost types
    - Win a Race in a Toy Car- Awarded for winning any Offline Race driving any of the Toy Cars
    - Complete a Bike Timed Challenge using the Toy Bike- Awarded when you complete any Timed Challenge using the Toy Bike

    Bronze Trophies

    - Every player succeeds in a Party Round- Awarded when every player successfully completes a Party Round.
    - Complete your 1st Party Round- Awarded when you complete the 1st Round of your 1st Party.
    - Every player take a photo for a Party- Awarded when every player in a Party takes a photo of themselves. Requires a USB camera to be connected.
    - Win a Stunt Run in the P12 88 Special- Awarded for winning any Offline Stunt Run driving the P12 88 Special
    - Light up the Manhattan Spirit during an Online Challenge- Awarded for using the flashing lights of the Manhattan Spirit during an Online Freeburn Challenge or Timed Challenge
    - Score a Boost Chain of x3 in the GT Nighthawk- Awarded for achieving a Boost Chain of x3 driving the GT Nighhawk
    - Sound the horn on a Silver Lake Super Jump in the Cavalry Bootlegger- Awarded for sounding the horn and successfully landing a Super Jump in Silver Lake driving the Cavalry Bootlegger
    - Barrel Roll a Toy Car in the Airfield- Awarded for successfully landing a Barrel Roll in the Airfield driving any of the Toy Cars

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    alexroy514 Guest
    FINALY! They added a "restart", its about time. All these improvements will hopefully make the game more enjoyable than it is now. The only down side is that we would have to pay for the new DLC packages... thats a bummer...

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    Psychodad Guest
    I think Burnout had a few good and free updates. There´s nothing wrong with new DLC you have to pay for. There are so many games you have to pay for everything, but everything was free so far for Burnout.

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    cs475x Guest
    does the legendary cars pack also come on the 6th?

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    omar8503 Guest
    I really like what the burnout developers are doing by releasing these large updates for free. I really wish other developers would follow suit.

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