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    wicked insanity Guest

    Burnout Paradise Arrives this Thursday at the PlayStation Store!

    We announced a few weeks back that you'd soon be able to buy Burnout Paradise on the PlayStation Store. We're now able to confirm that this will be released on this coming Thursday (25th of September).

    Buying the game gets you all the original Burnout Paradise disk content. If you missed it, that's all 5 neighbourhoods in the Paradise City open world filled with hundreds of Road Rage, Stunt Run, Marked Man and Burning Route events. Every street in the city features a Road Rules record time and Showtime score to beat.

    Take it online, and you'll witness the seamless arrival of up to 7 friends. Collaborate with them to beat 350 Freeburn Challenges - simple challenges taking you all over Paradise City.

    Starting the game will then immediately trigger the download of all our updates, including the recent Cagney Pack and Burnout Bikes. A pack delivering PS3 Trophy Support will be released imminently and included for free.

    To give you some idea of what you get, here's a whirlwind tour of all the awesome new content we've brought to Burnout Paradise since the game released.

    - Online Stunt Run (game mode)
    - Online Road Rage (game mode)
    - Online Marked Man (game mode)
    - 35 new car-based Freeburn Challenges
    - 35 new car-based Freeburn Challenges featuring leaderboards and -against-the-clock gameplay
    - 35 new motorcycle-based Freeburn Challenges
    - 35 new motorcycle-based Freeburn Challenges featuring against-the-clock gameplay
    - 38 against-the-clock race events featuring day and night gameplay - Burning Route and Midnight Ride
    - All new game player licenses and motorcycle-specific progression
    - Nakamura Rai-jin Turbo RWD (car)
    - Hunter Olympus (truck)
    - Nakamura VF1100 Street Bike (motorcycle)
    - Nakamura Firehawk (motorcycle)
    - Fan-created Hippie Wagon (paint-job)
    - Fan-created Hunter Oval Steel Racer (paint-job)
    - Tiger GT (paint-job)
    - Rossolini Tempesta Dream (paint-job)
    - Completely overhauled ranked and unranked race system
    - Day and night 24hr lighting cycle and associated gameplay
    - Dynamic weather system
    - PlayStation 3 Trophy support
    - PlayStation 3 Custom Soundtrack support
    - PlayStation 3 1080i support
    - PlayStation 3 improved standard definition display
    - A mountain of improvements and top-requested fixes from our community

    And there's plenty more to come. We're developing a new island location and much, much more. We'll bring you all the breaking stories, plus indepth features interviews with the team and Crash TV (our video podcast) here on Criterion Games.

    This year, Burnout changed forever. And we'll continue to change it through amazing online support.

    If you haven't experienced Paradise yet, there's never been a better time to join the party. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    hibone Guest
    That all sounds very cool, but how much hard drive space is all of that going to take up?! A whole lot i imagine.

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