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    Burning Blu-Ray ISO Images to Disc!

    I've been able to dump a movie onto my playstation hdd, and now I want to burn it onto a blank blu-ray disc. How would I go about doing that? I would like to burn it using my playstation and not my computer since I don't have a blu-ray drive for it. Oh and one more thing! When I'm done burning the disc, how do I delete the files? Thanx guys!!!

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    yea, this guy didn't do a whole lot of research.

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    You'd probably be able to do it using the latest version of nero and a SATA BD-RE drive in your PC. They are now available from for 600$ (said model is now $570 with MIR and comes with a 25GB BD-RE).

    Still a bit too rich for my blood, I paid 80$ for the dvd burner I have now back in the summer of 04 and it was still a bit pricey then lol. Seeing as how I'll probably be a college kid (for either 2 or 4 years depending on if I go with civil engineering or computer science) I won't be dropping money on a blu-ray burner. I'll wait till I'm done with school that way I can build another nice new computer and pick out a sub $100 BD-RE drive from newegg =p

    The PS3 wont burn anything at all, its a ROM drive only.

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    You can burn it, but alas, it still will not run. It is believed that it has PS2 style protection (the opening sectors etc), and possbily even more protection (as in the Blu Ray disk standard!)

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