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Thread: Burn Zombie Burn! PS3 Patch and Home Space Announced

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    Burn Zombie Burn! PS3 Patch and Home Space Announced

    Senior Games Designer Ollie Barder has announced news of both a Burn Zombie Burn! PS3 Patch and Home Space on the PlayStation Blog today. To quote:

    I'm a senior games designer at doublesix, the studio behind the recent PlayStation Network exclusive Burn Zombie Burn! Along with other members of our studio, I worked a lot on the game's scripting and level design. So when you see zombies and weapons spawn in lovely patterns and forcing you into choke points, that's me.

    We've also been hard at work at expanding the Burn Zombie Burn! universe since the game was released in March. With our new Home space, set in a themed graveyard, you can literally walk amongst the undead in the same way as you do in game. There's also a cool maze populated with some zombies too.

    [viddler id=e379df95&w=437&h=288]

    Naturally, there's a selection of apparel available for purchase as well.

    In addition to our new Home space, there's also a patch out now that has YouTube and background music support. This means you can record in-game footage and then upload it to YouTube to show off your skills.

    Background music support means you can select music to playback in game via the XMB and the music you have stored on your PlayStation 3. Enjoy!

    [imglink=|Burn Zombie Burn! PS3 Patch and Home Space Announced][/imglink]
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    The video is from a game in the space or from the ps3 game itself?

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    The only thing it says about the video is "Burn Zombie Burn! In Space trailer" on Viddler. Based on that, I would assume it's for the game's space... not 100% on that though.

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