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    Not only is today Thanksgiving Day, but it's also a VERY Happy Turkey Day for PS3 fans around the globe! We have several PS3 breakthroughs to share with THE WORLD tonight so be sure to check back over the next few hours- YOU WILL BE AMAZED, and even the scene's most seasoned veterans may learn a thing or two about the PS3 as well. is opting to allow this post to spread awhile as we document and summarize our findings, and we will update with all of the juicy DETAILS throughout the night tonight! Feel free to click on any of the icons below to submit this Site News post to the various Web sites, and here is the PERMA LINK for it:

    For the Press: We can be reached through our Contact Us e-mail address after the complete article is posted. Stay tuned ALL... we're about to change the world once again, and introduce the PS3 scene! And here it is...

    Tonight CJPC had some freetime and decided to install Linux Fedora Core 5 (PPC iSO) along with PS3 Other OS Installer and the kboot from the CELL-Linux-CL_20061110-ADDON.iso file. Once installed (Installation Tutorial), he logged into the shell and dumped the Extended OS Area (which resulted in 4.0 MB (4,194,304 bytes) by using: dd if=/dev/sdb of=/extendedos.img

    Next up, CJPC connected his external USB HDD to his PS3 (since he only has a 20GB stock PS3 HDD) and just (6) days after launch proceeded to dump (read "back-up" to $ony) his Madden NFL 07 PS3 Blu-ray Game Disc (the resulting iSO image is only 7.08 GB (7,597,719,552 bytes)) via the following: dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/mnt/exthdd/imagename.img

    If you happen to own a 60GB PS3, you can use this command instead to dump directly to your PS3's HDD: dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/imagename.img

    As we mentioned in our Past News, the PS3 Blu-ray Game Discs are currently not readable via Windows Blu-ray drive... however, the Blu-ray movies image fine on one of course. With that being said, the PS3 Blu-ray Game Discs resemble the PSP file format. See for yourself- here are the: Madden NFL 07 PS3 FileList.txt, Madden NFL 07 PS3 ICON0 pic, Madden NFL 07 PS3 PIC1 pic, Madden NFL 07 PS3 PARAM.SFO pic, Madden NFL 07 PS3LOGO.DAT pic, Madden NFL 07 PS3 USRDIR pic, Madden NFL 07 PS3 EBOOT.BIN pic, Madden NFL 07 PS3 Partial iSO Files pic, Madden NFL 07 PS3 TOC Size pic, and Madden NFL 07 PS3 UPDATE pic.

    As many recall, the PSP scene began with Paradox dumping and releasing the first PSP UMD iSO images, followed by several other release groups and finally the first image lanchers to play them following shortly thereafter. How long will it take for PS3 iSO images to hit cyberspace? Time will tell, but after this Site News post it won't likely be long! Let the PS3 Game back-up experimenting begin guys!

    Getting back to the topic, here are some additional pictures from Madden NFL 07 PS3 courtesy of CJPC: Madden NFL 07 PS3 pic, Madden NFL 07 PS3 DATA pic, Madden NFL 07 PS3_DISC.SFB pic, Madden NFL 07 PS3 EBOOT.BIN pic, and Madden NFL 07 PS3VOLUME pic.

    In other exciting PS3 news today, Radiskull let us know of a new AdvanceMAME .106 Binary For PS3 released by Jurai. It is basically the emulation code you'd need to use on the Linux in your PS3 to run arcade games, minus any ROMs, and please use our AdvanceMAME .106 PS3 binary is out! for related discussion.

    Finally, if you're seeking to add a *GASP* 750GB HDD in your PS3 then you may want to check out THIS brief Tutorial on how to do it! The process simply requires both a SATA HDD and an SATA Male > Female extension (only $14.99 from Sweet news indeed, and more to come soon!
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    Madden_NFL_07_PS3_FileList.txt.png   Madden_NFL_07_PS3_ICON0.png   Madden_NFL_07_PS3_PIC1.png   Madden_NFL_07_PS3_PARAM.SFO.png   Madden_NFL_07_PS3LOGO.DAT.png  

    Madden_NFL_07_PS3_USRDIR.png   Madden_NFL_07_PS3_EBOOT.BIN.png   Madden_NFL_07_PS3_Partial_iSO_Files.png   Madden_NFL_07_PS3_TOC_Size.png   Madden_NFL_07_PS3_UPDATE.png  

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    More pics for the story above...
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    Madden_NFL_07_PS3.png   Madden_NFL_07_PS3_DATA.png   Madden_NFL_07_PS3_DISC.SFB.png   Madden_NFL_07_PS3_EBOOT.BIN.png   Madden_NFL_07_PS3VOLUME.png  

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