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Thread: BREAKiNG NEWS: Sony Officially Announces PlayStation 4 / PS4, Details!

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    360owns Guest

    Stick Out Tongue

    Quote Originally Posted by Ebani View Post
    Is it not having old CD compatibility really that bad? You can pretty much buy some antique to rip'em for like 10 bucks, why would someone spend 300+ on a CONSOLE to rip cds?...
    because you pay a lot of money on a crappy locked console where sony decides what will be unlocked and what will be locked out, i would like everything unlocked, come on get real, of course it can.

    just wait till it gets hacked.

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    Transient Guest
    With the PS4 basically containing PC hardware, I wonder how long until we see homemade clones? Maybe build-your-own Dev/Test units?

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    Foo Guest
    Does anyone else feel like Sony isn't really making new things but just re-vamping their old stuff in new ways?

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    Transient Guest
    You mean like releasing a new system as the old one has no hope of ever being re-secured? Yeah, I have no doubt the PS4 is their way, at least in part, of getting users to willingly upgrade their old compromised systems for a new secure system.

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