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Thread: BREAKiNG NEWS: Sony Officially Announces PlayStation 4 / PS4, Details!

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    Itheunknown Guest
    I know how you fell, I had exactly the same thoughts with the last generation until I bought a PS3 two years ago and got into it again, but now I want a PS4 so badly since Sony is focusing on Software again (or so it seems due to the mass presence of developers in the conference and the X86 architecture).

    BTW, I also owned every console since VCS 2600 and Intellivision! Unfortunately, my daughter have no interest in games if they aren't for IOS. Ahhh maybe I'm too much of "Old School" to know when give up!

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    I'll be getting a launch model, because usually those models are the ones that get the bells and whistles, and are first to have working hacks/exploits.

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    aniss Guest
    wow i think the console would be awsome , and i loved the controller

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    BluRay Guest
    I'm sorry, but If there is anything this last gen has taught us is to stay away from launch model... Or you're forgetting about those random YLOD or RSOD? Not sure, but you're referring to PS3 Fat with BC? The PS2 emulation was poorly done, the YLOD risk just isn't worth It.

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    croft72 Guest
    So basically Sony is going to make you have to pay just to rip your own audio CD's on your PS4. Now I'm really concerned upon what the full picture will be for PS4 by the time this system reaches release.

    This may not be a big deal to others but it is to me since its a feature I've always appreciated. So far the way its looking, players will be still using their PS3's during the PS4's lifecycle just for features that were taken away or charged a certain fee to utilize on the new console.

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    willebug Guest

    Big Grin

    Is it hacked yet?

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    dipenlama Guest
    ok cool news

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    Ebani Guest
    Is it not having old CD compatibility really that bad? You can pretty much buy some antique to rip'em for like 10 bucks, why would someone spend 300+ on a CONSOLE to rip cds?...

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    madirish76 Guest
    I agree with staying away from launch model...besides i dont see anything really too groundbreaking in this new model other than the controller will be interesting to see how the games are in comparison. Right now i love my PS3 and that it is an "All in one" type of unit.

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    alchemist884 Guest
    Controller is nothing really. Reminds me dreamcast one... console not to good to buy really.

    Sony do something!!!

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