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    Cut the PS4/XBOX720 vs PC guys, we all know that new a generation pc can kick butt of even PS5/XBOX1080. In the mean time enjoy day one releases of cool new games on your CFW PS3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rumblpak View Post
    Its not x86, its x86_64 which is the technical designation for x64. x64 is actually a misnomer since its just an extension on x86 and not really 64bit computing. Most operating systems, including linux, mac, and windows only populate 44bits of address space so you really only have 44bit computing. (
    Now you are mixing addressable space with the width of the registers and the width of the databus. Those are two different things. 44bit address space is 16 Terabyte of memory. A lot more than the 8 GB that is there. So in reality, if you have 8GB of RAM, then you 33 bit computing? That's nonsense.

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    wtf is this... no pic of ps4??? this whole thing was a waste of time... only thing they showed us were the controller...

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    This one looks closest.

    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    PS4 (2).jpg  
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    Emh... sony i don't wanna teach you how to do your job, but...

    when someone presents a console he usually shows it!!! The only thing i saw was a "totally innovative controller"

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    It would actually be foolish of them to come out guns blazing and reveal everything.

    As it is likely that Microsoft will also reveal it's next-gen console this year, Sony needs to have some new things to reveal as to prevent from Microsoft taking all of the hype.

    Furthermore there's still PAX, GDC and E3 so they need to have some exciting news to share at those events. The actual console and its price will likely be among those things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PS3GAMER20111 View Post
    Cut the PS4/XBOX720 vs PC guys, we all know that new a generation pc can kick butt of even PS5/XBOX1080. In the mean time enjoy day one releases of cool new games on your CFW PS3.
    Trolling much? Coming into PS3 NEWS forum and taking the time to post PC superiority.. you must not have much PC games to play with besides FPS.

    Firstly game consoles don't pretend to be more superior just more convenient and more closed Eco system. And we don't have to spend to upgrade graphics card every year to play latest games in highest fps rate.

    Secondly we got exclusives you will never get on PCs. And I could go on but that's just wasting my breath.

    Have fun on your PC!

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    Preview of the case ??

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    Wow, your argument against them is just as bad, sure PC gamers upgrade parts but console games are locked at half the frame rate sometimes and have lower graphics options and my 5 year old card can play games at better settings than ps3 games, There are exclusives on each system and pc games are often cheaper than the console ones, online games can have private servers and wont die as easily etc.

    I am a fan of console and pc, I play consoles for the few exclusives and things like PSN/Xbox arcade titles online

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    i wonder with that high of graphics system can they prevent the console from overheating that still haunting most of the ps3 and 360 gamer or it just gonna be just so so...

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