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    PS3 Square Button BREAKiNG NEWS: PS3 v1.80 Debug Firmware leaked!

    Update #5: This will be the last update for this post... later today expect a new one with some VERY cool news. 2 Until then, if you have some free time you can check out the ongoing Possible MPEG4 Exploit? thread by H3R3T1C and share your results with others there.

    Update #4: OK, it's getting a bit lengthy here but we'll see where this leads before starting a new Site News post. Today at Dev'er HanSooloo has shared a preliminary PS3 NAND Analysis along with the following: Samsung NAND Access, NAND Bandmap, and flashmgr-0.2.0.tar.gz for those interested. NOTE: Minutes after his post, he found a bug and has updated the files with the fixed revisions available HERE.

    In other PS3 news today, we are pleased to have run across an anonymous PS3 $DK Docs leak- VERY useful for Dev'ers wishing to learn from! Needless to say, we can't post the files here as they belong to $CE, however, we can share with the public a PS3 $DK Doc FileList for those curious of the leak's contents.

    Update #3: More NiCE news- PS3 Devs read on: Tonight at resident Dev'er HanSooloo has shared with everyone the PS3 Firmware Table of Contents Revealed along with the Module Names and Their Address and Lengths! To non-Devs this may seem confusing, but rest assured it's BOTH a PS3 scene first and definite PROGRESS!! Cheers to HanSooloo along with all of the PS3 Devs who assisted him with this excellent accomplishment!!

    Update #2: H3R3T1C has now started an Unpacked PS3UPDAT.PUP findings thread for those interested in sharing their findings while examining the PS3 v1.80 Debug Firmware.

    Update: The PS3 v1.80 Debug Firmware is now publically released and available from our PS3 Downloads section. For those curious, no, it will NOT currently install on a retail PS3 console. Resident PS3 Dev'er StrontiumDog has confirmed this for us by attempting it on his own retail PS3- and although it will cause no damage, it will give the following error before the installation completes: The data type is not supported. (8002F029)

    On a brighter note, work is already underway examining the PS3 Debug v1.80 Firmware, and thus far subdub has shared with us on iRC EFnet #PS3News the following from the packed file: "I see first difference @ 0x17... 14 EA for normal Firmware and 14 EB for Debug." Only time will tell where this leads... but here is to hoping for some more $CE leaks soon, and a PS3 $DK would be handy too. Enjoy all!

    As hinted last night in my Blog, several PS3 Debug (also referred to as TEST) Firmware versions have recently been leaked, and tonight we are kicking things off in sharing the latest PS3 v1.80 Debug Firmware with the PS3 community courtesy of a very NiCE but anonymous source! For those wondering, PS3 Debug Firmware allows game testers/reviewers to run both unsigned code and PS3 game images burned to Blu-ray Disc from a PS3 Debug/TEST machine.

    Please NOTE that at this time it is still being examined by resident PS3 Dev'ers, and end-users should NOT (under any circumstances) attempt to install it in a retail PS3 console or you will likely end up with a $600 paperweight!

    More details to come shortly along with the release... stay tuned folks!

    PSP Files: Custom XMB With No Flashing Plug-In Mod For PSP, IDStorage Merger v1.01 Alpha For Devolution TA-082/86 For PSP, Yet Another CSO Compressor v0.3.9.3 For PSP, Impossible Mission (EUR) 39.5MB PSP RipKit, and fMSX-PSP v3.2.1.
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