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    Presently 10h15 Estern Time. So it's 7h15 Pacific Time.

    Got v1.60 US - 60 gb - ready to test

    I'm so anxious.

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    Firmware 1.81 EU PS3 also ready to test. I'm so excited There were about 2-3 weeks no updates about the ps3 hacking scene so I almost thought sony made an unhackeble maschine ^^ thnx to the scene and of course PS3News (you are my number one source for the PS3 hack news).

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    Quote Originally Posted by 31ken31 View Post
    Great work hacked.. im waiting for the file to get posted and the experimenting shall begin. the more i read on here the better i feel about spending 600.00 on a ps3
    they are $500 now (assuming you meant US dollars)

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    Thank you! Great work, hacked2123! This will be the first homebrew app working under XMB so perhaps more will come soon

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    it's 7:00 GMT, so how long until the guide is being released Looks really promising.

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    LOL... its not morning anymore... but im up, I got the file on my internal its transferring.
    Once again, this method is barbaric and... well... you'll see in the Readme.

    Quote Originally Posted by RaWeN View Post
    Thank you! Great work, hacked2123! This will be the first homebrew app working under XMB so perhaps more will come soon
    Nope... not an app, basically a chained exploit.
    Last edited by hacked2123; 07-18-2007 at 03:16 PM Reason: Automerged Doublepost

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    lol! OK thanks hacked2123

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    Good work hacked2123! You have done lots of the ps3 scene, - cheers mate! I notice a lot of people are ready to volunteer to test their ps3's.

    Maybe im wrong, - but from the requirements, it looks to be along the lines of opening up the ps3, and connecting a hard drive somehow to this internal connectors..

    Quote Originally Posted by hacked2123 View Post
    Requirements: (Only tested on firmware 1.11)
    • DVD or Bluray Burner
    • An IDE to SATA Adapter
    • An IDE Hard-Drive
    • My guide
    This is going to void your warranty (if this is the case). This is progress which is great news in ps3 terms, if we can write to an internal harddrive, - parhaps some how we can read, - only time / skill will tell.

    However for a method of ripping an iso, it doesn't strike me as appealing, considering there is other proven methods available. If this is just a method of ripping an iso, i certainly wont plan on opening the ps3 myself.

    But it does sound nice to know, especially if the reading from linux / SAK is somehow blocked via firmware.


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    think thats what the sata ide adaptors for clips onto the ps3s hd slots with out opening ps3, if not just carry on using PS3 SAK v1.00 we have to wait and see..

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    Wow Hacked2123! I wonder what did u find out..?! Looking forward ^_^


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