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    BRDGen (Blu-Ray Disc Generator) v1.00 for PS3 released!!

    Update #3: Wii owners who have a Serial DVD Cable handy may want to check out today's progress/release in our ModCheap Launcher for D2B Wii consoles! Forum thread.

    Update #2: Those interested in how the previous SYNDiCATE release (linked below) works can check out THIS archive dubbed "Syndicate dvdtool (DMS/D2A) Little Secret." In related Wii news, although not confirmed as working yet, a WiiSKAS Mod-Chip BETA 1 is now available from our WiiSKAS Mod-Chip BETA 1 thread Forum thread which includes disassembled source code for those who want to try porting it to PIC 12C508 or SX28AC chips.

    Update: Finally some Wii news to get excited about... NINTENDO_Revolution_SDK_2.1_Wii-SYNDiCATE is now released, with both the NFO File and File List available as well. If you didn't know, this is the leaked official Nintendo Wii Software Development Kit used by licensed developers to create games. Those seeking the release files can check Google for syn-wsdk21.rxx or drop by iRC Chat and you may run across them as well!

    To quote from the official Web site
    Today BRDGen v1.00 is released! This is the world's first publically available PC application used to create and/or edit PlayStation 3/Blu-Ray compliant disc images. Tool Features currently are:

    • Create new Blu-Ray (UDF-ISO format, including PS3) images or edit existing ones.
    • Import/Export FileLists: Importing allows you to force LBA positions of files if required.
    • File Relinker: Relink 1 or more files to another file and reduce image size.
    • Extract complete image or selected files/folders.
    • Hexidecimal Sector Viewer: Right-click on any file in a compilation to use it.

    If you would like to see a feature added to the next version of BRDGen or wish to report a bug then please visit our official Help Forum and leave a request or the relevant details. Thanks!
    In Nintendo Wii news, SYNDiCATE have released Wii DVD Tool ISO Loader 0.2 today, and those interested can grab it from the Wii DVD Tool ISO Loader 0.2 WinALL-SYNDiCATE Forum thread- cheers!

    Nintendo Wii releases today: Sonic_and_the_Secret_Rings_USA_Wii-PARADOX, Kororinpa.PAL.WII-SUSHi, and Marvel_Ultimate_Alliance_PAL_PROPER_Wii-WiiERD.

    PSP Files: HideMOV BETA For PSP, Flash Agent F4 For 3.03 And 3.10 OE For PSP, DreamChip v1.0 Alpha (PC CHIP-8 Emulator) For PSP, PSX2PSP PopStation KS GUI Mod v1.2 For PSP, GameCPU v0.1 Plug-In Mod For PSP, BG Split-Merge v1.3 For PSP, Battery Info v1 For PSP, Daedalus (N64 Emulator) PSP R9, Battery PRX Mod v0.21 For PSP, BlackSpeed v2.00 For PSP, Bookmarks Adder r1 For PSP, Bookmarks Adder r2 For PSP, PSPAtari (Atari 800/130/5200 Emulator) v1.0.6 BETA For PSP, PMP Mod AVC v1.02 M-J Subtitle Mod For PSP, RCO Icon Editor v1.0.7 For PSP, CPS1PSP v2.0.6 And Adhoc And Bootleg For PSP, CPS2PSP v2.0.6 And Adhoc For PSP, and MVSPSP v2.0.6 And Adhoc And Bootleg For PSP.
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