By Alice Liang 07/13/2007 This is a preview from E3 2007. To see all our coverage, screens and videos from the show, check out 1UP's E3.1UP.COM hub page.

What's the game about: Taking place right before the start of the first movie, The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Conspiracy aims to explore the life of Jason Bourne before he loses his memory -- back when he wasn't just a "malfunctioning $30 million weapon," as High Moon's Chris Ulm puts it. Well, actually, to be more accurate, this action-packed game starts with Bourne face-down, floating in the ocean (a familiar sight to those who have seen the first movie); you actually play the game through a series of flashbacks, as well as some scenes from the first movie that have been expanded for the game (the run through the embassy was a quick scene in the film but is a full-fledged escape sequence in the game).

SCREENS: Click the image above to check out all the Bourne Conspiracy screens.

What's new for E3: We saw a one minute trailer of the game, showing off a montage of brawl and gun fights, and High Moon explained some of the basics of Conspiracy's combat system.

What we like: The takedown moves. Bourne is an assassin trained to kill with just about anything he has at his disposal. This means you shouldn't expect a really high-tech arsenal at your disposal. Instead, you will be able to use just about anything in the environment as a weapon. The powerful takedown moves are context-savvy -- depending on what objects you are near, or how many enemies you are fighting, the finishing move will be different. So, if you kill the same guy near a chain instead of a TV (we just chose random objects), Bourne might strangle him instead of smashing his head into the set's glass. If these are really as flexible as High Moon is suggesting, we could see ourselves having fun.

What we dislike: It's hard to tell at this point, since we've only see a short trailer and heard what the developers had to say. But their Jason Bourne isn't played by Matt Damon, so maybe the helplessly Damon-devoted will be disappointed.

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