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    Blur Multiplayer PS3 Demo is Now Live on PlayStation Network

    Activision's Social Media Manager Dan Amrich has announced that beginning today the Blur multiplayer PS3 demo is live on PlayStation Network.

    To quote: Today, the PlayStation 3 demo of Blur became available in the PlayStation Store - and you know what comes standard?

    Pools of lightning bolts, explosive mines, bursts of nitro speed, and big glowing red balls of homing-missile danger. This is the kind of arcade-style combat racing that gets my motor running.

    Oh, and the mileage is excellent - I've been playing Blur for weeks now and I'm still not bored.

    The Blur multiplayer demo gives you a pretty sizeable chunk of what the game has to offer. A dozen real-world cars, including I'll-never-own-it-but-I-can-drool rides like the Lotus Exige Cup 260 and Ford GT.

    Six tracks in two gameplay modes and seven mods that let you tweak the game mechanics to match your style of play all eight of the chaotic power-ups, and the ability to boast about your skills to friends on the PlayStation Network with a single button press. (The full retail version also lets you brag on Facebook and Twitter.)

    I have hosted PS3 Blur gameplay nights on multiple continents, and have more in the works. I shared some of my personal Blur strategies for success (and people used them against me).

    I even had Gareth Wilson, lead designer from developer Bizarre Creations, on my podcast to explain some of the choices that went into the game and wound up getting him to reveal a key to success that I've been personally milking all the way to the finish line.

    If you haven't tried Blur yet, it's understandable - heaven knows there are plenty of options when it comes to quality PS3 racing games. But the demo's free for the taking as of today, so check it out and let me know if you feel what I feel when you play it. And know that I'm serious when I say I will see you on the track...

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    fattysc Guest

    Thumbs Up

    This game is pretty good! You guys should try it out.

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    GooeyFinger Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by fattysc View Post
    This game is pretty good! You guys should try it out.
    Is it better then split second? not sure which one i'm getting..

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    fattysc Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by GooeyFinger View Post
    Is it better then split second? not sure which one i'm getting..
    Close race, but I have to go with Blur.

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    Starlight Guest
    Blur seems to be the better of the two by a little bit as i have both split second and blur for pc and on this platform blur is most liked, now the game should be similar on the ps3 i am guessing and might have the same results, although split second the track can change on every lap but the effects in blur are quite unique.

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    PaNNaP Guest
    I know its a bit of a stretch to use a wheel with a chaotic game like this, but does anyone know if it supports the G25/7 racing wheels? I'll be downloading it once im home either way.

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    pixilicous Guest
    Pannap.. i got logitech g25.. I rented both games. I liked split second far better then blur..

    After 30 minutes of playing blur i returned it to the shop I finished more then half of split second..

    split second's control are way better, the game is more dynamic and fun.

    i wouldnt recommend a wheel for any of them, maybe blur i didnt think of it at the time.. but for split second of course not

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