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Thread: Bluetooth Pan or Wifi to ethernet

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    MagikRevolver Guest

    Bluetooth Pan or Wifi to ethernet

    Does anybody know if it is possible to setup a bluetooth pan on the ps3 to access the internet. I got the wifi-less ps3. Or, would it be possible to hook it up through my gigabit ethernet port on my asus then provide the ps3 internet with wifi that my asus gets?

    Any help would be great because I hate dragging out the extra long cable and ethernet chord everytime.

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    fdsa Guest
    Sure, u plug it in through your laptop's ethernet port. I assume u are connected to the internet via wifi on the laptop right?

    just bridge the two connections.

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    MagikRevolver Guest
    I tried it before and it didn't work. Now that you said that, I tried it again and it did. Good job.

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