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    well, after i wrote my comment above that manufactures should try to make some fold able bluetooth keyboards like the ones used for PDAs i started thinking... wouldn't those bluetooth PDAs keyboards (like this one, Think Outside Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse) work with the PS3 anyways?

    Quote Originally Posted by IanJ View Post
    Check out the RF keyboards on Amazon. I bought this direct from Shintaro. Not got my PS3 yet, but apparently it works fine with the PS3 (according to Amazon reviews)

    I use it for my media centre at the moment and it's great for couch surfing
    sorry, me again... forgot to ask you this question... what do you mean by RF? are you talking about IR signals? Or is RF another way of calling bluetooth devices that i did not know?! i am confused now...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Isamu966 View Post
    How many bluetooth devices can the ps3 handle? I mean I always wondered why they only allow 7 Sixaxis controllers and not 8 alike they usually do with multitap and all. Maybe the unit can only handle 7 bluetooth devices?
    Sony didn't choose 7 for the max devices, 7 is the amount of available chanels to any bluetooth device. Its a limitation of bluetooth technology.

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    Yes and i have also usb mouse and keyboard and they work ! Only in games is no support !

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    Mouse and keyboard are supported by the XMB and browser, but most games do not support it. It is a choice of the developer of the game to include mouse/keyboard control.

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    COD 3 works with mouse and keyboard, my friend confirmed.

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    The keyboard uses Radio Frequency instead of bluetooth. Seems to be much cheaper than similar bluetooth ones and i like the track ball/scroller postioning for couch surfing plus it's not too bulky to sit on the coffee table.

    Here is a link

    I found it cheaper on e-bay here in Aus.


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    PS Button Color

    Quote Originally Posted by f8shorty View Post
    i got mouse keyboard to work with ps3 games. ok this is what i did i bought a asid tech ps2 to ps3 controller adapter i plugged my ps2 joyfrag into the adapter and pluged in mouse and keyboard NOTE. i had to wire in an extra usb plug on the mouse so the mouse has 2 usb plugs 1 plug goes to the joyfrag (with a usb to ps2 mouse adapter) and the other plug goes to a usb charger adapter that plugs into outlet as the mouse needs more power than it gets from the joyfrag hook up. i played cod3 and resistance and works great.
    wow - this sounds awesome, however i'm not sure about wiring up a 2nd usb to the mouse, could the power be sorted by using a more low tech mouse? or even a ps2 mouse? or if not any tips on dual usb'ing a mouse?

    thanks, key/mouse would make my day....

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    to ian... but ps3 only bluetooth right?

    but how in the heck are you guys getting these RF (radio frequency) keyboards working with the ps3? because i thought that the ps3 only takes bluetooth? right? and isn't radio frequency different then bluetooth? man... i am going to be googling this stuff today... cuz i am confused. i thought they were all different.

    but changing the subject here a bit, has anyone tried using thos bluetooth foldable keyboards that you use with your pds/cellphones with the ps3? i am contemplating in getting one but wanted to know if anyone has tried... TIA!

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    carapalida - they are plugging in the USB->RF dongle that cames with the keyboards

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    i was in a game stop a few weeks ago and a Sont rep. told me that any bluetooth keyboard and mouse will work. but im to cheap to buy a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I was reading yesterday that i want to say Pelican is comming out with a keyboard that attaches to the PS3 controller. it uses a USB connection on your PS3

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