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    Big Grin Blu-Ray Movies on PS3 w/o the Disc!

    I hope you are as excited as me, but if you are not, think of it as the second closest thing to booting games of the hard-drive. After hours of searching, & trial and error, I found what was right underneath my nose, kinda sorta literally. Anyways, for the intial steps of decrypting the blu-ray see the guide I wrote up @

    As for the secondary part (playing it on the PS3) wait til Monday or try stuff like I did. It isn't as easy as it sounds to convert the .M2TS file, there was a great deal of trouble due to audio portion of the file.

    Hint: Check out the attached images, the whole process of conversion took only 35 minutes (amazingly fast for a 20GB file), and that even includes some manual intervention. BTW no lag on PS3 what so ever. Wish my home video was better, but hey it's a first.

    The guide will be posted Monday I promise.

    Just want someone to acknowledge how hard the task was. Will hopefully have the video uploaded soon.

    Edit: Second Tutorial here:
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    PICT0058 small.JPG   PICT0059 small.JPG   Stat on Video.JPG  

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    Nice hacked2123! I got the e-mail with the video also, and will add it to our Site shortly for others to view. Cool stuff indeed- Thumbs Up for you!

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    That's some tight stuff there hacked... good job!!!

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    Nice Job! Can't wait to read more. Glad to see cool things developing!

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    hacked2123, you are the man dude. I've been watching your progress in your other thread, anxious to see if you pulled it off. This is truly the next best thing to booting games of the hard-drive. Looking forward to your full guide soon. Keep up the great work!

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    I wish I had an external drive to do this with. :P

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    BTW. The video is 1920x1080 (should be P, can't tell for sure 99% sure it is) The next guide will be an extension to be previous, meaning you decrypt - - then you convert. The next steps are really easily, will have video guide for ease those. (can you see the coke can? I love my projector size (4:3 looks twice as big) It's actually on a tan wall)

    The file contains the 5.1 stream, not sure XMB on V1.11 does (my version)

    Any other questions or anything I left out?

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    This is exactly what I have been waiting for. Thank you so very much. I am very interested to see how this is done.

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    Nice.. Good job. Thanks for the tutorial too

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    hacked2123 - you're doing very good job. sony released good hardware that we need to use for full potential.

    thanks man!

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