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    Quote Originally Posted by hacked2123 View Post
    Alright well great news, sorry if I'm wrong to say this but thanks bryan4203. He made me realize I was doing the steps backwards (Duh!). The improved instruction (which if it works, will be posted later tonight) will only be 2 or 3 steps, none of which are hard, or require any "special" programs.
    I hope you didn't just mean this? LOL!
    Here you go. Directions on getting decrypted blu ray titles on ps3 hard drive:

    Tools Needed/Used
    Mpeg-vcr v3.14
    Elecard Xmuxer Pro
    The File Splitter 1.31

    Open up file splitter and split .m2ts file into up to 3.9 gb chunks.

    Open up Xmuxer and demux all .m2ts file parts, one by one. Demux video to .m2v and main audio track to .mpa.

    Open up Mpeg2vcr and mux all .m2v and mpa together one by one into Program stream. You should end up with 4 or 5 .m2ts files all playable on ps3.

    Copy to ps3 hdd using external hdd and play
    Those are the worst instructions I've ever seen... we'll definitely need a lot more detailed info than that if so. Nothing is explained in any depth at all... they are more like tutorial "section titles" than an actual guide itself.

    Edit: I also merged your second Tutorial here, and linked it in the first post.

    Ideally someone should write a clean 'Master Tutorial' (which includes all the parts in numerical order) that can be added to the first post of the thread in full.

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    thanks for your work! let me get this right... you use file splitter... then with a hex editor insert that string on the 2nd through XXX files?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xnowandtheworld View Post
    i can already tell you it wont be me :\ i wouldnt even know where to start i cant even get linux installed on my PS3 because it wont burn correctly (and i dont know why)
    what are you using to burn the freely downloaded .iso file? I would recommend dvddecrypter (another free download)..and set the mode to "iso write"

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    I'm gonna try to get an HD-DVD movie and play it on the ps3 after being decrypted, but can anyone tell me what the decryption tools are named?

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    PS3 can't play HDDVD movies

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    Quote Originally Posted by SC3N3R View Post
    PS3 can't play HDDVD movies
    not an hd-dvd disc, but yes it can play hd-dvd movies that have been decrypted and converted....

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    Glad to see how easy it is to do this. Time to head to Fry's and get an external hard drive. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by davevt98 View Post
    Excellent work! However, I cannot get isobuster to work. Are there any free programs available that can do that same thing? Also, is there a way to play the decrypted files through linux? Thanks again.
    Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by qtx999 View Post
    not an hd-dvd disc, but yes it can play hd-dvd movies that have been decrypted and converted....
    There is no current way to convert an HD-DVD to a format that ps3 is compatible with. Right not it is possible to demux the HD-DVD EVO files using freely available evodemuxers, however you will have a resulting .VC1 or H264 file + a Dolby Digital + audio file.. Currently there are no filters that can convert this DD+ file to a standard AC3. Therefore it can't be converted yet.. No way to remux these elements into a proper format. It is possible with alot of work to get it into an MKV then transcode to something else (however no-one wants to re-encode HD video - because that defeats the purpose of the superior quality in the first place)

    With regards to this guide, I believe the method is a slightly worse variation of the Demux a blur-ray with elecard and remux. Since it encourages raw splitting and VLC transcoding.

    A couple things to point out:
    This will only work with MPEG2 Blu-ray Movies - not ones recorded with VC1 - like Xmen 3. You can see the encode format by examining the back of your blu-ray movie. Using VLC then splitting with a non MPEG aware splitter will cause glitches at the break points since it's missing the proper Mpeg Headers. Please be aware that most new Blu-Ray films coming out are VC1.

    An Mpeg 2 Blu-ray contains M2TS files which are essentially standard Mpeg2 + AC3 Audio tracks in a Transport Stream container.. The best way to manipulate these sorts of files is to use a proper Demuxer.

    This below method has been avail for a bit: This method allows you to losslessly convert your mpeg2 blu-ray to be playable on both PS3 and Xbox 360.

    Step 1: Use Elecard Xmuxer Pro - Drag the .M2TS file into the Demux section - click the double arrow then click start.. This process extracts the Video + Audio tracks into separate files. You will likely have a single Video file and up to 4 Audio tracks depending on the movie.

    Step 2: Remux the Video file + the Audio file of choice (ie. english track, or french etc) You can do this with any MPEG2 Stream Muxer. TmPEG is a good one to use.. Open up Mpeg Tools then Choose Simple Mux. Chose your Video.mpv file and the audio track of your choice.. Then start. This now Re-muxed the Audio and video into an Mpeg2-PS (program stream) which both Xbox 360 and PS3 can read.

    Step 3: To play on Xbox 360, simply Stream using Media Center over the network, no additional steps required.
    To play on PS3, cut up the MPeg in to chunks less than 4 GB of data using any proper MPeg2 Splitter, this will re-write proper mpeg headers.. VideoRedo is quite good. (alternatively as mentioned before you can split before the demux and you would get your compliant mpeg2 files.

    The biggest overall flaw of doing this, is that the XMB does not support Dolby Digital 5.1 when playing through the XMB - there is no bitstream output support.. You will notice even the blu-ray trailers you download will only be in Dolby Surround, since there is not digital bitstream audio sent out.. This means if you have successfully backup up your Mpeg2 Blu-ray Movie and you went through the work of getting it to play through XMB you are still better off watching it from the blu-ray because whats the point of Hi-Def video without Hi-Def Sound.

    PS3 still has a long way to mature before it comes close to being a usable media center.

    Thanks to the original poster for starting the discussions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ps2asker View Post
    I'm gonna try to get an HD-DVD movie and play it on the ps3 after being decrypted, but can anyone tell me what the decryption tools are named?
    evobdemux - you can find it publically in the forums right here.

    However you will not be able to get this to losslessly convert to play on ps3 XMB yet.

    HD-DVD primarily uses VC1 for encodes, and VC1 is hard to manipulate currently. The Audio is primarily DD+ (which is not supported in our directshow filters yet)

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