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    Remember, the two goals I am going for, file size and full retention of the file (Sound and Video aka. 1080p and 5.1/7.1 audio)

    It is right there in front of you all who followed the comprehensive guide. I only wait til Monday to speak of it because I want either someone to do it better, or for me to find the time to do it better myself.

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    HEHE nothing wrong with waiting til Monday by me, but it would be interesting to see if someone else does it too!

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    Alright well great news, sorry if I'm wrong to say this but thanks bryan4203. He made me realize I was doing the steps backwards (Duh!). The improved instruction (which if it works, will be posted later tonight) will only be 2 or 3 steps, none of which are hard, or require any "special" programs.

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    Exclamation GUIDE: Playing BluRay Movies off your PS3 w/o the disk

    Okay it worked, thanks again Bryan4203 for making me see I should split it before I re-encode it. Here are the long awaited steps to easily playing your BluRay (or HD-DVD) (or decrypted DVD's for that matter) on the PS3 without the need for the disk:

    0. Follow the Comprehensive Guide: Blu-ray back-up and Decryption via PS3

    1. With the file output from step 0, run file splitter 1.31 and select it and the destination

    2. Click the drop-down menu "Size of Pieces" and select custom
    2.5 Click and make it MB and fill in the box with a file size less than 4000
    2.75 Click "Split"

    3. Goto the destination and rename the files so they end in ".mpg" again and rename them so they aren't the same name (add 1 or 2 or 3 or P1 or P2 to the file name)
    4. Open VLC Media Player
    5. Ctrl+f
    6. Browse.... and select one of the files you split
    7. At the bottom check "Stream output" then select Settings...
    8. Check the File... box and the select where you want the file and the file name ".mpg"
    (Note: I sugguest the destination here be your external drive)
    9. Under the area that says "Encapsulation Method" select MPEG PS
    10. Click "Ok" and the "Ok" again and the encoding will take place, and five minutes later your file will be ready

    The re-encoding process will take 2 minutes per GB so Talladega Nights will take 40 Min. even though the size of the disk is 25GB full the main movie is only 20GB.

    Told you it was easy, told you it would be right under you nose if you read the other guide.

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    I'm going to update my PS3 hard-drive this coming week probably, and put HD-DVDs (with a buddy's HD-DVD player and I'll buy the movies) and DVDs and BluRays on it

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    Thanks for the guide, I'll try it in a few minutes

    I noticed that the .m2ts files play on the ps3, but with no sound, do you know why?

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    Very nice, thank you!

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    Nice, however couldn't you do a -> split -b 3500m * - Output.

    (which would split the file into 3500mb sections, named output.aa, .ab etc)

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    Any idea on what file contains the subtitles? It would be great to have subtitles working some way...

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    Excellent work! However, I cannot get isobuster to work. Are there any free programs available that can do that same thing? Also, is there a way to play the decrypted files through linux? Thanks again.

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