Most understandably scratched their heads when Midway announced that Blacksite: Area 51 would arrive in September, right around the time of Halo 3. In fact, Blacksite Lead Campaign Designer Ricardo Bare questionably defended it as a financially sound reason."Whenever you go and see a really bad ass action movie like X-Men, it just makes you want to go and see Spider-Man 3, right? You usually want more of the same. Some people subscribe to the fact that when something really huge comes out, it helps the other two or three really good games that also come out, because you want more FPS action."

Someone figured out that wasn't the best decision -- or decided Blacksite needed more time in the lab. Either way, Midway has confirmed Blacksite will now arrive on November 5th.

"Blacksite is really coming along. We're working a lot of hours, but we're having a blast. And each week the game makes these leaps forward that we've been working toward for a long while...30fps, gorgeous, fast paced and subversive." said Exec. Creative Director Harvey Smith to 1UP. "Totally fun to be working on a story-driven shooter."

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