[IMGW]http://media.1up.com/media?id=3255067[/IMGW] Project Gotham Racing 4, Boom Boom Rocket and assuredly Geometry Wars 2 aren't the only games being tossed about within the walls of Bizarre Creations. The company has been teasing a Sega collaboration, The Club, for a while now, and only recently have they started openly chatting about their urban-inspired, very arcade-like shooter.

The game's even more arcade-like than you probably realize -- there are multipliers. "The combo system might be familiar if you've played a PGR game... We're adding a similar mechanic to shooters, although altered to better fit the task at hand. Every time you shoot an enemy, your multiplier goes up. If you shoot 3 bad guys in a row, your score will be multiplied by 3x. However, the higher your multiplier the faster it ticks down (meaning it's tougher to keep your combo going)," explains the company.

Sounds like this should be a blast online, and while Bizarre warns that the game's graphics are still in need of some polishing up, they're giving us an early glimpse at what to expect and are actively hoping to get feedback from its fans for improvement. In that case, have at it (there are far more screens over here).

Thanks to 1UP.com for sharing the news with us!