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    BioShock for PS3 needs help from a Mysterious Third Party

    The folks at the Official PlayStation blog have revealed that a studio other than 2K are working on the PS3 version of BioShock.

    Because this is the first title from the respective studios, they have sought the help of another development partner with 'outstanding PS3 specific coding chops' to help out with the project.

    They did not mention the studio, but said they will look forward to revealing the name in the future.

    BioShock for PS3 needs help from a Mysterious Third Party

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    i hope its insomniac or naughty dog. those guys know how to make really good ps3 games.

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    I think theses news only make ps3 look bad, I mean, it's like: hey I'm a game developer but this poor hardware doesn't work the way it should, help me please?

    Even though these things happened in the past, now they seem over used... just to say the 360 is a good boy, the ps3 is a bad boy, developers beware.

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