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Thread: Beyond: Two Souls on PlayStation 3: It's Not Another Heavy Rain

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    Beyond: Two Souls on PlayStation 3: It's Not Another Heavy Rain

    Sony Social Media Specialist Ryan Clements shared a fresh video today announcing that Beyond: Two Souls on PlayStation 3 is not another Heavy Rain.

    To quote: At first glance, Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain seem to have more in common than not. Both games focus on intricate narratives and deep character development, highlighted by cutting-edge performance capture and dazzling digital sets.

    But on closer examination, Beyond: Two Souls, which launches exclusively for PS3 on October 8th, is a wholly unique creation with no obvious analogue.

    For one, its sweeping story focuses on one character instead of four. Beyond: Two Souls spans an entire lifetime as it follows the trials of protagonist Jodie Holmes (Ellen Page) and her constant companion, Aiden - an invisible entity with incredible powers. For another, it features a radically different, more direct play style compared to Heavy Rain.

    In our new interview, Quantic Dream co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere discusses the differences between the team's two latest projects, and the daunting scope of the story. Listen in for his insight on the game design process, and how Quantic Dream infused player-driven choices into a story-driven experience.

    In Beyond: Two Souls, players jump between different periods of Jodie's life, piecing together the story while controlling both her and Aiden's actions. But Jodie's life hasn't been easy.

    Exposed to psychological experiments at a young age, and hurled through adulthood by desperation and heartache, this woman has seen more danger than most. Though she hasn't seen it alone. Aiden has been connected to her since birth, and will share in her 15-year journey through Beyond: Two Souls.

    Beyond: Two Souls promises to push the limits of interactive storytelling as Jodie hunts for answers. Help her unravel the mystery surrounding her connection with Aiden, and what lies beyond life itself.

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    StanSmith Guest
    WTF? Not another Heavy Rain? Are they retarded? have they played it? Its EXACTLY like Heavy Rain. It has the same stupid controls, the same gameplay, the same look. Its Heavy Rain 2 is what it really is.

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    muny21 Guest
    Yeah this game is boring. I have no idea how people like this crap. It is just all one big cutscene with some QTE (Quick Time Events) thrown in here and there. Played it for about an hour and kept hoping the action would pick up before I felt like throwing my controller across the room for some action. But people are simple minded and go oh and ah over the graphics and could care less about gameplay. Quite the opposite of how video games were introduced. Oh well.

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    elser1 Guest
    kool. i enjoyed heavy rain. i'm sure ill like this, if i buy it. maybe if it comes out on ps4.

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    hawkY Guest
    Stansmith, muny. Unfortunately you "TWO" are the new generation of gamers... lol

    If its not a shooter or a GTA game, the game you didnt even complete the game and you start talking about how boring and stupid it is...even though the game won many awards and got highly positive reviews back at 2010.

    Ahh but you would know better...

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    muny21 Guest
    hawkY No the problem is I am a first generation gamer when games where more about gameplay than graphics. Atari 2600, commodore 64, first nintendo system.

    Look back at those game and the graphics suck but many of those games are far better than anything you can play today as far as pure gameplay goes. I did not complete it but I gave it a very good try to. Was excessively boring. If you enjoy clicking button to play with dolls or the other insanely mundane tasks, then you will love it.

    And I was talking about Beyond Two Souls which just came out so how can it win awards and get highly positive reviews in 2010. Maybe next time you actually read what someone writes before you go criticizing someone because it makes you look incredibly idiotic.

    And furthermore, GTA games are boring as well, run around and shoot for no reason. So, another piece of advice... don't assume shit when you have no idea about someone or what they like.

    Ahhh but you would know better next time before you comment without reading and comprehending a person's thought.

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    windrider42 Guest
    I personally enjoyed Heavy Rain and the controls didn't bother me. I used the PS3 controller though. Story was awesome. So many different outcomes.

    I also loved the PS2 Indigo Prophecy as well.

    So yes I am looking forward to playing Beyond Two Souls.

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    StevenTj Guest
    Beyond Two Souls is great, but it can't replace Heavy Rain in my heart lol

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