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    With you 100%. Partly they are teasing and other reason is that they are too lazy and too cheap money sucking. Also can't wait when we got to get the last laugh. C'mon DUPLEX! C'mon Kakaroto! Where are you? It's Christmas time! Send Sony a Xmas card.

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    lol. The only christmas card i see is from Sony: Merry Christmas, keep dreaming

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    Had this game 19 days. In that time I did 200 hours. I did 97% of all the trophies. I have one damn Daedric artifacts quest bug on me so that I can't even start it. So I'm now having to go back in and replay all 15 damn Daedric artifacts quests again.

    I went and used my very first game save file to start this. So I'm was level 27. I went straight back to where the glitched quest is and it works now. I just still have to redo them all again. At least the game is damn fun.
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    I always loved Bethesdas games. But I love the support for their games even more! They really listen to the players.

    Ok, back to Skyrim now ^^

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    Just a heads up. This is live now for the PS3. Was playing the game, it froze on me. Rebooted the system and got the patch update message while going back into the game.

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    BLES01329 and BLES01330 are still on 02.02. Only BLUS30778 is on 01.03 which you can download here http://b0.ww.np.dl.playstation.net/t...3-V0100-PE.pkg.

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    They are the same patch. 2.02 is EUR, 1.03 is USA version.

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    This is by far the best game out for the ps3, I think. I will have to update right away. Thanks


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