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    Shizumaru Guest

    Post Best way to make ext3 partition from PC

    Best way to make ext3 partition to dump ps3 iso on it using PartitionMagic 8.0

    Download from http://www.soft32.com/Download/free-...c/4-151-1.html

    Plug usb hdd

    Run the program

    Select create

    In the first title select primary partition

    In the second select linux ext3 And press ok

    Press apply after it done close program unplug from pc and plug into ps3 dump ps3 iso after finish plug it back to pc

    Use Explore2fs found HERE

    Extract files to folder then run the program then open ext3 partition and you will find your iso file

    Extract files to your pc and you are good

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    splatterbomb Guest
    Or, I suppose, you could make it under, um, Linux?

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    broy4686 Guest
    or you could use gparted i believe. (which is a bootable form of linux)

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    ddrmanxbxfr Guest
    You could also have done it under linux by doing the command mkext3 /dev/hdXX

    1rst X Drive letter
    2nd X Partition number

    or by also doing

    mkext2 -j /dev/hdxx

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    sharonapple Guest
    you can also use a distro that co-exists with windows, like http://www.colinux.org/

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