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Thread: Best Reasons PS3 Is Going to Kick Butt in '08

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    wicked insanity Guest
    I think from a Developers POV, the practicality of having a minimum 20GB HDD and the use of BluRay, allows for much more detailed games and faster loading imes, etc. Whilst on the 360 not every user has a HDD and is limited to a standard DVD, so unless the games are toned down abit, or are released on multiple discs they the 360 will miss out on the larger games,; the only other way would be to release a 360 game that requires a HDD for installation but it just means that only a select few would be able to use it??

    I think Gears was almost at the peak of the 360 potential, whilst games of similar quality are only just being started on the PS3. PS3 has so much more too go and i think in 08 and especially from '09 and onwards we will really start to see the gap emerge.

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    Luckie69Steve Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by aznchinbo1 View Post
    i hope ps3 comes out with some 2-4 player offline games, i was dissapointed to find out there are very few games i can play with my friends at my house, always 1 person playing with the rest watch
    If memory serves fifa 08 is up to 8 players at once on one screen this means no cords plugged in for extra controllers and you and all your friends can play on the same team or against each other

    in defense of the 360 though you have to remember that really it is only the equivalent of a ps2 and im sure microsoft will catch up to the ps3... but by then the ps4 will be on the horizon lol

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    rogelio11 Guest

    Big Grin things i am excited for 2008

    There are a few games I am waiting for a long time:

    Spore- First game where you create life from a cellular phase to a creature you can control and eat other creatures to gain experience to evolve to a high state.

    Little Big Planet- this game seems fun to play and it has co-op with three players you can play with. You can make your puzzle levels. Looks great to get.

    Disgaea 3- A Japanese RPG game where the levels beyond 99. It's a type of Final fantasy tactics game, sorta like playing chess. It has downloadable content to get more characters. Hopefully this game will have wireless play to play eachother in a battlemap.

    PS3 Home- I'm been waiting for this online game since Sony shown this game from E3. It's free, not a RPG game but as a avatar game. I like to show everyone my apartment and my music and movies collection. Can't wait to get it.

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    wakababy Guest
    yes, i like the fact that sony is going the free online way, the way its supposed to be. all these pay services are getting out of hand. i miss the old bnet ways

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