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    im waiting for

    valkyrie of the battlefield
    white knight
    resistance 2

    and possibly LBP

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    i agree! ps3 should be dominate this year for all the blue ray reasons.

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    orig xbox was good and microsoft ruined it by trying to make money on its console,by making everything add-ons instead of including them into the console its self.

    I wish GTA IV was exclusive to ps3.

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    look and all the PS3 exclusive msg4, killzone2, resistance 2 and now look at the 360 exclusive, mass effect and... erm ... possibly fable 2 ? ...

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    this is the year

    Indeed I have also seen that COD5 has a TBA and I hoping that will come out this year like cod4 did at Christmas and my thoughts are even if it is not that much different from cod4 I will still by it as long as it allows for mods like UT3 that was only problem for COD4 was not mods for user maps and stuff. And GT5 that is suppose to have lots of download content so yes this should be the year.

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    Resistance 2 sounds kick ass, I'm a big co-op game fan so Haze is next on my list. Just had Kane and Lynch delivered from overseas today.

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    final fantasy and kingdom hearts

    I am a role playing game fanatic i love final fantasy and kingdom hearts, i can't wait till kingdom hearts 3 and final fantasy 13 and FF13 versus comes out... also motorstorm 2... etc

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    can't wait for MGS4 and Home to hit the Ps3.

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    metal gear solid 4 is why hes going to kickass
    ff <3

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    With the tug war between hd and blu ray finally over, ps3 is the ONLY way to go . Can't wait for MGS and GT.

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