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    Best Buy Rumor: PS3/Wii Not Yet ORDERED!?!?!

    According to the IGN Boards Best Buy isn't ordering units until 2 weeks before the launch of both systems........

    I have no clue why they are doing this

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    Oh my god!

    If I had orderd from bestbuy the local employees would be running for their dear lives. Luckily my Toys R Us is only getting 4 PS3's and I can tell you ill be there a full hour before they open to make SURE I get one in the case they dont get all 4.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeGioN View Post
    Best buy will know this Sunday just how many they will be recieving. They will be recieving from Sony the number of possible PS3's that can be shipped to that specific store.

    I know this because my girlfriend works there and there is going to be a very big meeting about it Sunday morning. I can pretty much say that they will be getting more than GS/EB or TRU for sure because they have a contract with Sony, same goes with Walmart, this is the reason why they will have more than everyone else. I see no need to worry at all.
    just commenting on this- we had our meeting this morning. We are projected to be no. 1 in the company (my best buy store) and guess how many we are getting...are you ready...2. one "cheapy" and one premi.

    all stores have a rep, and it's the same guy for the entire "district".

    The only reason best buy is getting more then other stores, is because they (best buy only) paid sony to get an additional 2 shipments before other stores.

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